Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SENSEX futures for next month 09 Apr 2012 onward

SENSEX today Opens with 17553.26 and take high up to 17553.26 and low up to 17436.60 and close at 17486.02 so according to this SENSEX futures for tomorrow according to SENSEX bse technical analysis Looks Like.

Impulsive Wave Pattern
Wave TypeRange FromRange To
Wave 116920.6017348.47
Wave 217348.4717084.05
Wave 317084.0517612.90
Wave 417612.9017286.07
Wave 517286.0717978.28
Wave-5 Expansion will continue till 18141.81
Corrective Wave Pattern
Wave TypeRange FromRange To
Wave A18040.6817348.47
Wave B17348.4717776.34
Wave C17776.3417247.49
Wave-c Expansion will continue till 17084.13

SENSEX Price is In the Impulsive Cycle. Impulsive cycle will Fail if price fall to 17449.44
Buying is Advisable at 17348.47 with stoploss 17084.05 for Target 17978.28.

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